Special Days I Remember

Image for special edition Halloween barnstar.
Image for special edition Halloween barnstar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life was always crazy . . . never knowing what was going to happen next, when her mood might suddenly change and I’d have to run for cover. I’ve spent a great deal of my life trying to get used to that. It’s hard to believe I no longer have to go through that with her.  She is gone 6 months on Monday.  I have such mixed feelings over her death.  I realize that I loved her, and that I miss her today.  There were times when she was completely opposite of the mean, controlling person that she was.

Halloween was always special because it is also my birthday.  There was candy and cake and ice cream.  Then when it got dark, she would pile us all in the car and we went trick-or-treating. Trick-or-Treat

Christmas morning, there was what looked like a million gifts, stretching out from under the tree, and filling half of the living room.  Even as an adult, I remember how she always sent a box full of wrapped packages.  Halloween was another day that she was contrary to her normal self.  It being my birthday as well made it extra special.  Seeing these two sides of her all my life was confusing, never knowing what was coming next.  But I remember how she made those days special.

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