The Abuse Continues

I learned at a very early age that when a man wanted sex, you didn’t say no.  After I left home for college, I couldn’t say no to the first guy, or the second and third (together).  This eventually got me pregnant, and then what do I do?  The man I was sure was the father denied that it was even possible, due to a vasectomy.  To this day, I don’t believe that.

Alcohol came into the picture, but it didn’t change anything.  The abuse continued for years, and I allowed it to.  Why?

No just wasn’t a part of my vocabulary.  You got slapped if you said no, then told to do what you were told.

The night before I went in the Navy, my recruiter picked me up and took me to a drive-in movie.  I have absolutely no idea what the movie was.  He had brought a gallon of OJ, and a fifth of vodka, my favorite.

You guessed it but that time it was forced on me.  The next day I was sworn into the Navy as though nothing had ever happened.  While I was in the Navy, I was in class, and in training with both men and women, but I kept enough alcohol in me that I became obnoxious, and that kept people away.

But alcohol ended my Navy career, and helped me into a mental breakdown.  I was in and out of mental wards more often than you can even imagine.  I was drugged up so much that I had four car accidents in two months, one where I sideswiped a police car.  I got a ticket that day.  Fortunately for me I wasn’t drunk, just over medicated.  I really thought that my life was over as I knew it.

And the saga continues…

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