Where Did All The Money Go?

I was having my expenses for the month looked at, because my checking account ran dry before the month was half over, and the bank even had to transfer money from Savings, and charged me $5 to do that.

My largest expense on my list was for my ‘bundle’ from Time Warner Cable. $160 a month.  This included phone, cable and Internet.  I know I only pay $20, as that was set with a 2-year contract. I wonder when that contract is up and the cost rises through the roof.

I took a serious look at what I was spending on Cable, and if I needed everything that I had.  When I took a look at the channels I watch regularly, I learned that almost everything I watch, is available on either Basic or Standard (not sure what the difference is).  The rest of my money is for the high def, digital cable I got because I bought a flat screen TV.  Well, why bother have that TV if you’re not going to get all the bells and whistles.  I decided that I would call the cable company, and cut back to either Basic or Standard (still don’t know what the difference is).

I called the cable company, and I explained to the customer representative that I needed to cut back on my services for cable TV.  When the conversation was over, they had discounted the cost!  By $13!  AND, they added voicemail to my phone.

Not wanting to argue any further with the rep, I agreed and hung up.  $13 saved!  What is that actually going to buy me?  Maybe a couple of packages of turkey or fish?  So, at the middle of this month, when I run out of money, once again I’ll be asking, “Where Did All The Money Go?”

My next large ‘necessary’ charge is for my cell phone.  Well, I have a contract for that.  Well, guess what folks.  That contract ends on the 25th of THIS month.  I am currently paying $80 a month for my cell phone.

In the kitchen, on the counter between the canisters, lies another cell phone that I never use.  What do I pay for this one?  Zero, nil, nada.  I’m often asked, “Why don’t you use that phone?”  I can immediately come up with a million excuses, like . . . I only get 250 minutes a month.  And . . . it’s too difficult to text with and I do a lot of texting.  It doesn’t have any data, and I HAVE to have data.  I currently have a Windows phone, so I can go in and transfer money when I need to, for purchasing something I really want. (Uh, oh.)  I can go to the nearest ATM and transfer cash for free!  What else do I need the data for?  Well I can go in and read my emails.

Can that wait until I get home and use my computer?  Of course not!  Ok, so I could use the free phone for calls and maybe texting, but I’d use up the minutes before the month was over.  Well guess what folks?  There are other phones out there, with or without data usage, with plans that are a lot less costly, and DON’T have a contract.

The problem I have today, is that there is too much technology and availability out there.  When I was a kid, there were no cell phones, and what is data or texting?  If you had to make a phone call, you waited until you got home, and used your home phone, which was always right there on the base because it was attached to it.

You went over to the TV and turned a dial to change a station, and you got maybe 3 or 4 channels.  It never occurred to you that you needed more than that.  Maybe that’s just what I really need to do.  Get back to basics, and spend much less money.

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