Why Do I Keep All This Stuff?

Question mark liberal
Question mark liberal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might think that I’m speaking of all the books on the shelves, or the 30 t-shirts stuffed into four different drawers, or maybe the 17 different coffee cups that clutter my cabinets.

No, I’m speaking about all the junk that I still keep in my head, though it serves me no purpose any longer.  I have fifty-some years of stuff that has come into and gone out of my head, and then there’s the stuff that comes in and never leaves.

I can tell you the name of every cat I’ve had since I was about four.  I have my mother’s social security number in there, and she has passed away.

I can tell you about drunken escapades that happened 30 years ago.

But the thing that really bothers me, is the stuff that comes in and goes right back out again.  This can happen in the middle of a sentence or conversation.

Maybe it’s just because I already have too much stuff in there, and there is no room for any new information or ideas.

How do you get rid of all that stuff?

~ van ~

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