When we were young

it passed very slowly.

Couldn’t wait to be old enough,

To drive, to move out, to drink.

But as we age,

time passes by much more quickly.

Parts of the body

start to sag,

Parts of the memory,

start to lag.

Where did driving get me?

Accidents, tickets, DUI’s,

Loss of license for a time.

Where did the drinking get me?

Sick, addicted,

Full of shame.

Loss of home, love and name.

Long-dreampt plans,

fall to the wayside

As nothing seems important


Where did my mind go,

My spirit, my vigor?

Lost to disease,

that will forever linger.

Not only linger,

but steadily get worse.

Taking away my strength,

my mind, my worth.

Thus, the influence of time,

Is nothing more than a curse.

~ van ~

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