Walking On The Edge

Walking On The Edge

Ever feel like you’re walking on the edge?

As I child I was always walking on the edge,
Of pain, of fear, of abuse.

My initial abusers are both gone now,
As are those I allowed to,
As a young adult.

I am getting older now,
And I have lived alone
For almost 18 years now.

So now, I’m back,
Walking on the edge again.
The edge of fear, of blame, of shame,
The edge of night,
And the edge of pain.

How do I keep from falling in,
When there isn’t much to hold onto?
My hopes and dreams are long gone,
Cast to the wayside by careless measures.

I have my faith in God,
But mostly I feel as though
I’m walking on the edge…

When there is not much to hold onto.

~ van ~

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