Tomorrow’s another day

This is all about me as well.

50 Shades of me

What on earth is going on
I’ve written so much today
I guess I’m feeling lonely and
I’ve got so much to say

I just don’t feel like going out
And I don’t feel like staying in
I’d like to tell you all just how I feel
But don’t know where to begin

I’ve tidied up and cleaned the windows
Hoovered round and washed my clothes
I’ve put on my coat and started to leave
But started to panic and didn’t go

So I take off my coat and make a coffee
Turn on my music and sit and write
My head hurts, I could really do with a hug
So I sit and hold me really tight

I want to scream, I want to run
And run so far away
I hope I don’t feel like this for too long
And well, tomorrow’s another day

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