Blue, Bluer, Bluest

See Messier 82
See Messier 82 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun may shine,

Outside my window,

But today it does not come in.

It stays away,

Not warming soul,

That’s been hurt in so many ways.

How do I describe,

The way I feel,

When there’s been,

So much time to heal?

They say that time,

Heals all wounds,

But today,

Is still too soon.

To protect myself,

From any more pain,

I’ll never open up again.

To those who aim to steal my soul

And then leave me,

Not quite whole.

I say to you, who’ll bruise my heart,

I’ll block you off,

Before you can start,

Stealing away what little I’ve gained,

In order for me to tolerate pain.

For pain makes me blue and bluer,

You’d hate to see,

How bluest I’ll be.

When I take away,

What God has given,

For which I’ll never be forgiven.

~ van ~

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