An Alien Among Friends

Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I may not look like one,

I may not talk like one.

I may not smell like one,

I may not walk like one,

And I may not eat like one.

But inside me lives an alien.

I am someone,

Who lives my life in pain,

In anger, in shame.

This cannot be seen from the outside,

And no one can see the inside,

Except those who live inside of me,

And those who read my words.

I don’t have a lot of friends,

Afraid to expose myself,

To pain, to shame, to loathing and blame.

So I sit here with my alien,

Day after day,

Knowing that no one,

Will get to me, in that way.

For the shield is great,

And it is strong,

Because of early life,

That went horribly wrong.

~ van ~

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