When Fear Begins

It sneaks up behind you,
Not knowing it’s there,
And then it grips you,
And you go nowhere.

The triggers are small,
Yet sneak up so fast,
You have no idea at all,
How long this one will last.

Finally you figure it out,
By then it’s too late.
To share what it’s about
You’re doomed to your fate.

You’re breathing comes fast,
Your fingers numb,
The body trembles fast,
No help to come.

You go on and on,
Knowing not what to do,
Unable to speak of,
 What has hold of you.

You know what it is,
Been there in the past,
The panic attack is what it is,
You know not how long it will last.

Take another pill,
The fear begins to subside,
It remains in your head still,
That long shaky ride.

What was it this time,
That grabbed hold of me?
Which is now mostly behind,
Yet there for all to see.

I cannot explain,
A panic attack,
I just hope, not again,
Will it come back.

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