Comet Holmes (11 December)
Comet Holmes (11 December) (Photo credit: markkilner)

Today I feel as though I am just gone.

Where, I don’t know,

It’s as though I were never really here,

Lost in a building with 90-some residents,

Those getting on in age,

And those such as myself,

Who have been damaged,

Either mentally or physically,

Through no fault of their own.

I hear nothing but the ticking of the clocks,

And the fan, that circulates the air.

There is no other sound,

Either from without or within,

The day is half gone,

No where to go, nothing to do,

Lost in my box, which Is full,

Of all kinds of toys and gadgets,

But there is no will.

To do anything other than sit here,

Lost to the demons,

Which plague my mind.

~ van ~

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