Drips and Drops

Drips and drops, as the rain plops,
Against the glass of my window.
There is no rhyme or reason,
No pattern to tap my toe to.

Just drop after drop, when will it stop?
I did not know it would rain tonight.
Now with each and every drop,
Exists an inner fright.

The sound makes me cold inside,
Reminds me of that room.
Tucked back in the corner of the house.
His shadow would suddenly loom.

The monster I feared on that rainy night,
Which filled me full of fright,
Was not some odd, old stranger,
But a monster I saw every night.

I remember the boxer shorts,
And an old white undershirt.
But then mind shuts down on this,
To protect me from the fright.

He loomed there in the night,
Filling me full of fright.

– van –

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