Anger Never Goes Away

Anger Hides The Pain
Photo: Alan Van Benschoten

Anger never really goes away,
Lies hidden just beneath.
A surface appearing smooth glass,
It lies there like a thief.

Rising up so suddenly,
It took just one phone call,
To bring it up for all to see,
I don’t want that at all.

Anger covers what’s really there,
It has been there all my life,
That feeling I do not share,
Pain, cuts like a knife.

I have always known it was there,
But could not allow to show,
The hurt I feel, that no one cares,
Only I can know.

Hold me God, take the pain,
Take it far away,
For pain turns into anger,
Every, every day.

Anger never goes away,
It holds the pain within,
So no one can ever say,
“There she goes again.”

– van –

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