Letting Go, Will I Survive?

It is happening once again,
It’s only been a few weeks,
They say that now I’m limited to ten,
But it’s more that my soul seeks.

Every other week, I go now,
To stretch out my treatment time,
But on each ‘other’ week, how,
Do I survive without a ‘mine’?

Someone with which I can let myself go,
Who will guide me through the pain,
When I ask, they’ll tell me “No.”
And I’ll be alone again.

For me, alone, can be real bad,
It happens to me a lot,
But the worst time I’ve ever had,
Turns me very hot.

Hot is when the anger comes,
Letting go can send me into a dive,
All kinds of harm, sort of sums,
Oh how will I survive?

– van –

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