Up And Down, Round And Round

First I’m up, then I’m down
Makes my head go round and round.
Don’t do this, don’t do that,
Go up the road, and don’t come back.
Don’t know what I’ll do for now,
Simply because I don’t know how,
To kick out all the things that are bad,
Make room for a place where I am glad.
Glad to live in a world that’s free,
Glad for me to be able to be me.
Glad the past can slide right by,
Glad that I can now see why.
Why I live in fear and pain,
Why I’ll never be the same,
Why I can now do something new,
Why I now have another thing to do.
All I have to do is choose,
All I have to do is use,
All the tools that let me see.
All the tools that been handed to me,
That I am not someone bad,
From the past that I’ve had
That I am someone who is good,
And loves me the way that others should.

– van –

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