Angry Again

It raises up its ugly head,
Here, or there, or then,
When it does I’m filled with dread,
I’m angry once again.

The anger, at times it comes so fast,
But it aims the wrong way,
And when it does, it will last,
Day after day after day.

But that anger is very old,
Not for what is now,
It can make me seem so bold,
But I really know not how.

Then I push it very hard,
To some darkened den,
Until someone says some words,
Then I’m angry again.

The anger is for something that,
Happened in my past,
And it rises big and fat,
And then it lasts and lasts.

But not for something just right now,
And not for something then,
But for something, I don’t know how,
And then I’m angry again.

– van –

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