Why My Life Needs So Much Help

The sun is shining,
And I want to go out,
But where would I go?
Add one to the daily count.

Day by day, the closer it comes,
And day by day, I’m all thumbs,
Parts are aching,
Parts are numb,

Afraid that others,
Will think I’m drunk.
That I’m just a bother,
From my mother.

I hate to talk bad,
About those who have passed,
But talking about her now,
Eases the pain,

I don’t know if God,
Can make things right again,
To trust in Him,
To leave the fright,

Leave it behind me
Where no one can see,
Keeps me safe.
And lets things be.

Then I go,
To talk things out,
But what I have,
Is so much doubt.

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