I Thought I Knew Her

I knew her before I knew her
But then, I drifted away.
I was the one not sure,
How she’d come back someday.

The police were at the door,
The phone began to ring,
Didn’t want to open the door,
Didn’t know what that would bring.

But there she was on the phone again,
After so many years gone by,
It wasn’t time even then,
I wanted her to know why.

After being away for weeks,
I finally came back to my home,
I didn’t know that she would seek,
Me again, on the phone.

She said, “Come home, I need you,”
It blew away my mind,
What was I to do?
What was it I would find?

I found her at my door each day,
Tugging away at my heart,
I knew that this wasn’t the way,
That these such things should start.

It became a daily rendezvous,
Here, or there, somewhere,
But then on that day I knew,
I had given her a scare.

No more knocks at my door,
No more would the phone ring,
What it was that she left me for,
My heart would no longer sing.

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