15 Things That No One Knows About Me

I recently read a blog, where the writer revealed a list of things about him/herself that no one knew before.  I liked the idea of doing this myself, maybe to learn some things about myself I didn’t even know before (consciously).  So here are 15 things that no one knew about before.
1. I hate snakes more than anything else.
2. I was caught shoplifting at age 16.
3. I belong to a biker church.
4. I have 9 tattoos.
5. I don’t feel lovable.
6. I was an extreme alcoholic.
7. I served in the US Navy for 9 months, then was discharged because of the alcohol.
8. I started college at age 17, as a music major.
9. I graduated from college at age 33, with BS in Operations Management and Information Systems.
10. I fear rejection.
11. Once I start eating junk food, I can’t stop.
12. I like to sit in the dark.
13. I didn’t cry when my mother died.
14. I have more clothing than I could wear for six months (except socks).
15. I never eat at the table.
Now my followers, readers, and friends, you know more about me now, than I did before I started writing this list. I hope I haven’t scared anyone off (rejection).

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