How To Take A Good Photo With A Cheap Camera

I was in Denver for the 30th National Veterans Wheelchair Games several years ago. I had never been to Colorado before, so of course my camera went with me everywhere.
I was there for an entire week of wheelchair competition, and when I wasn’t doing something, I was exploring the streets of downtown Denver. One day, on my way out, I couldn’t find my camera. I searched frantically for it, but came up empty.
I went to a nearby Walgreens and found something suitable that didn’t cost me a lot of money. A day or so later, my ‘lost’ camera turned up, so I ended with two of them.
Now when I am out to purposely take some good photos, I go alone so that I can take all the time I want. Rushed photos just do not turn out well. When looking for something to photograph, I look for things that are either beautiful, unique or there is a pattern. I really like patterns.
First, I try to get as close to whatever I’m taking a photo of as possible. I don’t use the zoom, if I can help it, as the photo tends to turn out a littler grainier that way. Sometimes I like to get back and take a broader view, in order to show a progression or pattern.
In downtown Denver, I found something that was very unique. Next to a glass-walled office building, stood a giant blue bear! It was looking into the office building at about the 8th floor level.
To take a picture I look for three things: Aim, Angle, and Arrangement. In order to show how extraordinary this was, I had to distance myself to where I could get both the bear and enough of the office building to show the oddness of this site.
I always take more than one shot, so that I can work with the angle and arrangement. Once I’ve uploaded the photo to my laptop, I use a simple photo-editing program and I adjust for lighting, and then crop the picture so that the bear is shown taking up the entire height of the photo, and enough of the surrounding area to get a grasp the immensity of the photo.
Here is how the photo turned out:
I mentioned earlier that I also look for patterns to take photos of.  A few years later, I was in Tampa, FL, again for the wheelchair games.  I didn’t have to go far to find things to snap pictures of.
I also like to photograph things of beauty, especially flowers.  With this type of photo I get as close to the flowers as I can, so that they take up the entire screen on my camera.  Here are some examples:

12 thoughts on “How To Take A Good Photo With A Cheap Camera

  1. Love the bear. And the repetition photos. Do you have a macro on the camera for flowers? I love macro mode. I snap as many very close shots as I can without really being able to see what I’m snapping because it’s so close to the ground. But if I take enough, one or two come in great and crystal clear. Amazing things pop up on the computer screen that I didn’t even know were there like bugs, bees, ants and pollen.
    I don’t like zoom either. Grainy is right.


        1. Not quite like a lily pad, just a flat device that has over 130 songs on it, that I can only listen to with earphones. I have two guitars, the acoustic one I’m playing this weekend along with a violinist. It does really need new strings, but my electric guitar has a broken string, and they all really need to be replaced.


        2. I honestly can’t keep the names of devices straight. Now that you explained it I guess I remember that’s the song thing.

          Two guitars? You must be very accomplished to play with a violinist. Impressive!


  2. I was wrong. People were impressed! For one thing, they didn’t know that I play the guitar, and two, I played it well last night. But we all had help from the Lord, who was speaking/performing through us, during our praise and worship.


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