Things No One Should Have To Bear

I’m all alone, it’s time to start,
Looking deep within my heart.
What is it I so desperately need,
But no one ever seems to heed?

I can’t always make someone be,
Ever available to me.
People have lives of their own,
They try to tell me how I’ve grown.

But on my own I do not see it,
On my own I do not feel it,
All I know is that I want,
Someone to help with things that haunt,

Deeply buried inside my heart,
Feelings I’ve felt from the start,
Things no one should have to bear,
Things that always need someone to care.

4 thoughts on “Things No One Should Have To Bear

  1. You put it so well into words, the dilemma that has lasted my entire life till the last few years. I couldn’t spell out in therapy what I’d suffered though the nice man, the psychiatrist Raymond I saw regularly, had the capacity to hear it. He tried every way he could for me to get that black tar ooze up and out of me.

    I made grotesque sculptures, paintings and drawings that depicted how I felt inside. I kept it all in a box, painted it black and kept the scary thing at his house until spring when we had a ceremonial fire and burned it. It was a start. A large part of the work with him seemed to focus on just learning how to relate and be intimate with another human being.

    But I still held the details inside. As dusty as they had become, holding it in as if it were mine still hurt. With the book, I released them. They were never mine to carry. I wonder if there’s a way for you to get that stuff up and out? It’s not your stuff.


    1. My therapist has recently started Art Therapy with me, with some interesting results. I see her again tomorrow, and she’s going to try another form of Art Therapy. I am getting too old to still be carrying all this stuff around, asi if it were mine to keep.

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