Alone And Sad

My life when I was young,
Bad, from what all had been done,
Ran away as soon as I could,
But even that did no good.

Relationships, I cannot keep,
Never really get that deep,
I hardly let anyone inside heart,
I know you can still play a part.

Neglect, abused, parents both sick,
The air in our house was very thick,
Dared not do what would trigger more pain,
When all it would do was repeat again,

The words, the blows, the cause of the pain,
Sexual abuse, again and again.
Nothing worse could have been done to me,
But no one, could ever really see.

The sickness spread from parent to child,
A young adult became quite wild,
Alcohol, for me, was the best,
Never really got into the rest.

The sickness grew inside of me,
And other people began to see,
The help that was needed so very bad,
Nowhere to be found, it is quite sad.

Started climbing out of the old, deep pit,
Once it was started, I could not quit,
To quit would mean that I would fall,
And once again I’d lose it all.

Today, alone, feeling sad,
Sometimes wish that I still had,
That one who’d smother me with love,
I’ve found it some, sent down from above.

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