As Empty As A Long-Abandoned Church.

I feel like this should show up again . . .

Through The Clouds

Ever feel like no one sees you? Or maybe you feel there is nothing inside you to see? While young, I learned that the only way I could feel like someone, was to create a persona. I remember watching the credits roll on the TV, watching as the names scrolled up the screen. Searching for a good name that I could use to create a boyfriend. By myself, I was nothing. It was as though I didn’t exist. When creating people didn’t work, I turned to fighting, and destroying property. Eventually, I was busted for arson and I was only 13 years old. I became a big, bad person, smoking, sneaking drinks from the liquor cabinet. But none of this made me feel as though I was anybody. I excelled in school, in the music program, with plans to go to college for music. I excelled in music, but was…

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