I’m Down

That’s not actually as bad as it sounds (or is it?).  One week ago today, I became technically challenged – in that my laptop AND my cell phone, refused to work any longer.

The computer went on a trip to the repair shop, and I ordered a new battery for the phone.

The good (or bad?) news, is that the computer is fixed, but is sitting there waiting for me to pay the bill, which I can’t do until the beginning of next month.

On the other hand, the battery made no difference with the phone,  It is three years old, and the port where I plug in the charger is shot.  Fortunately, I still had an old phone, with it’s charger, tucked away in a drawer.  It works, but texting is quite tedious, as the keys are about the size of the head of a pin.

But I am ok with all of it . . . for now, at least.

4 thoughts on “I’m Down

    1. It truly is. My laptop and smart phone were down on the same day – the phone never to return. My only source was through my Kindle Fire. But as of today, I’m back in business with the laptop, but still having to use a ‘dumb’ phone.


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