Three Goals For This Blog

I started this blog in February, 2013, with no idea as to where it would actually go. When a theme started to appear, I modified my tagline just a bit, so that this theme would emerge to readers who might be passing by, or were looking for my theme in particular.

As far as three goals for this blog, I had to stop and do some deep thinking about the future of this blog. It became apparent that I was starting to write poetry about my experiences and feelings that were emerging from my experiences with childhood sexual abuse – incest, to be precise. Now, nearly three years later, I feel sort of stuck, and having some goals might get me moving in the right direction once again.

After considerable thought, these are the three goals that I came up with for this blog.

1. Explore more deeply into the things that are still stuck inside, and bring them out so that I and others can start or continue to heal from this horrendous type of abuse.

2. Increase my following by at least 25% by the end of September. This will increase readers’ comments that could aid in healing for myself and others, and to reach out to newcomers that are trying to find their way through their own feelings about abuse.

Coming up with a third goal took a great deal more consideration than the first two, but I think it is probably the most important goal. This is what I came up with.

3. Change the appearance of my blog, as right now it has a dark, gloomy appearance, and there are positive changes occurring in my life, and I want to express that in the appearance of my blog. I think this will then appeal to more readers if it has a positive appeal.

11 thoughts on “Three Goals For This Blog

  1. I’ve followed your blog a good while and I’ve noticed a change in mood. I’m delighted to hear you’re experiencing more positives in your life.
    As for your goals well done they sound great. Good luck.

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  2. Hello Karen! When I saw a like on one of my recent posts, I decided to hop over to your blog and was wondering if I had already followed you. I’m utterly humbled to see my blog on the tip of your list. Thank you for that.
    I read some of your posts and they give me shivers…Your poems are dark, but beautiful. I didn’t know where to comment so I thought I’d do it here
    I’m so sorry you been through so much…you are brave and a survivor. With your goals, I hope it will help you to continue to heal.
    Prettige kennis te maken.😊 (I assume you are dutch given the “van”)

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    1. Over the last year, I’ve done a lot of healing, after finding the right therapist and letting my thoughts and feelings pour out into this blog. Yes, my name is Dutch. I come from a Dutch area in Upstate NY, USA. But I don’t understand a word of the language. 😛


      1. Ooops! I just assumed. It just says Please to meet you or literally translated as please to make an acquaintance with you. 😀
        It’s so important to find the right therapist and so glad you did. Blogging and putting it out there is cathartic. 🙂
        Have a wonderful day and glad to see you around.


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