Yet Another Day

There is more to do than sit and sleep,
I have some goals I need to keep,
Look for ways I can do more,
Remember to go to the store.
Sometimes, my memory escapes me,
I wonder what it is that others see,
When I stop dead still in the room,
Peering around in the impending gloom.
Sit back down and read some more,
Oh wait, I was going to the store,
I was going to go for a ride,
Go for one which will increase my pride.
The more I go, the better I get,
The more I go, the less I forget,
The more I go, another step near,
The more I go, not bringing up the rear.
I must push myself to make me strong,
In this I see there’s nothing wrong,
But I know, that step I have to take,
Is definitely not a piece of cake.

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