A New Beginning

Another year has passed away,
I haven’t had a lot to say,
It’s hard to express all that’s there,
It’s hard to find someone who’ll care.

I often think I’m on my own,
But, in many ways I’ve grown,
No longer need help every week,
Though, it sometimes I do seek.

I am a stronger person now,
I got here but I’m not sure how,
Perhaps it’s faith of what’s above,
And His all abiding love.

I received a gift today,
I want to find the words to say,
Thank you all who’ve held me near,
Thank you all who’ve held me dear.

Throughout the years I’ve often heard,
That action speaks, louder than words,
I hope my actions really show,
To all of those I’ve come to know.

Thank you God for the love you give,
Thank you friends who’ve helped me live,
Through a year of growth and pain,
A new year has now come again.

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