Mothers Day – Gone

phoneMothers Day has come, and gone

Yet deep inside I feel alone

Too scared to say anything

Still dread hearing the telephone ring

But if it rings, it is not you

Caller ID tells me what to do

I can choose to take the call

I can choose to do nothing at all

It’s not you at the other end

Someone else whose ears to bend

Yet the memories run so deep

My sanity sometimes hard to keep

But I can turn that all around

If any calls are inward bound

The only calls that I get now

Tell me where and when and how

To plan the hour, the day the week

And I will be allowed to speak

I can speak of what I feel

To others now, which helps me heal

Now each day, it comes and goes

What I’ll do next week, who knows

I can now have peace of mind

Talk to those, whom in me find

A person that tries every day

To make a new and better way

Live a life that’s free of fear

Among the ones that I hold dear

~ van ~

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